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CONCEPT AND IDEA IN ART. A selection from the collection


This publication was made on the occasion of the exhibition «Concept and Idea in Art»

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Sammeln, um zu sehen

Documentation of the talk with Volker Bauermeister, Paul Ege und Julia Galandi-Pascual on 5th april 2014 at Kunstraum Alexander Bürkle on the occasion of the exhibition COLLECTOR'S CHOICE ONLY - 10 years Kunstraum Alexander Bürkle and essays by Paul Ege and Julia Galandi-Pascual

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Plus de lumière

Publication with essays by Kathrin Gut, Manfred Schwarz and Yvonne Ziegler. Freiburg 2012

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Marcia Hafif

Publication with essays on Hafif’s work by Julia Galandi-Pascual, Reinhard Ermen and Michael Fehr. Freiburg 2010

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Freya Richter

Publication with essays by Julia Galandi-Pascual. Freiburg 2008

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"...im Alter bekenne ich Farbe."

Documentation of the artist talk with Johannes Geccelli. Freiburg 2008

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Ekke Duis

Commemorative publication for the fifth anniversary of Ekke Duis's death, with contributions in German, English and Italian. Freiburg 2008

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All from America

Exhibition catalogue with essays by Julia Galandi-Pascual, Rolf Hengesbach, et al. Freiburg 2007

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Rudolf de Crignis

Commemorative publication with contributions in English and German. Freiburg 2008

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Donald Judd in der Schweiz

Personal memories of the artist from the perspective of a contemporary witness and friend Gianfranco Verna. Freiburg 2007

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