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Marcia Hafif – Pale Paintings 2007–2009

The work of the American artist Marcia Hafif serves as a fundamental analysis of the most basic elements of painting. In her abstract, largely monochrome panels, the artist turned at the beginning of the 1970s to a systematic examination of the basic conditions of the medium, including both the act of painting itself and the result of this action. What emerged from this deconstruction of painting over the years was an archival, long-term project that bears the austere and programmatic title Inventory.

On the occasion of the artist’s 80th birthday, the Kunstraum exhibited what are referred to as the Pale Paintings, which represent to most recent chapter in this inventory. In addition to ample photographic material from this new series of works, the publication includes three extensive essays on Hafif’s work written by Julia Galandi-Pascual, Reinhard Ermen and Michael Fehr.

Includes the CD "fourth music for marcia hafif (3)" by Antoine Beuger

Price: €5