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Unbestimmtheitsstellen - On the Genesis of the Photographic Image

22 April 2012 – 23 September 2012

The first exhibition at Kunstraum Alexander Bürkle to be devoted exclusively to photographic works “Unbestimmtheitsstellen – Zur Genese des fotografischen Bildes” (Indeterminacy – On the Genesis of the Photographic Image) calls into question the persisting belief in the objectivity of photography, a belief that is still typically based on the fact that the images are generated by a mechanical process. In addition to Axel Hütte and Jörg Sasse, who are associated with the internationally renowned Düsseldorf School of Photography, the exhibition also features younger artists whose works can be described as painterly.

There is indeed an element of skepticism vis-à-vis the image that can be detected in contemporary photography. This skepticism casts doubt on the immediacy of the reference to reality and presents various ways of visualizing the relationship between the original and the representation and between authenticity and mimesis. The resulting departure from direct representation also leads to a departure from the aesthetic of the fleeting moment and the pathos of the unambiguous that are commonly associated with photography. The photographic works drawn together in the exhibition do not simply point to things that were, they reveal something else to the beholder, namely, the independent reality of the image which appears picturesque and abstract and whose interpretation is rendered.
In the context of viewing the works, empty spaces are revealed that point to a procedural manifestation or to the iconic dimension of the images. Qualifying to this extent as “indeterminate”, these photographic works distinguish themselves in terms of a potential quality that reflects both the conditions of their creation and the conditions of their perception.