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Alexander Bürkle Art Award

The Alexander Bürkle Group is the proud sponsor of the Alexander Bürkle Art Award. Ever since 2007, this EUR 10,000 award has been conferred to young artists working in the visual arts.

The decisive criterion for the award is as follows: based on their development so far, the artists can be expected to make an important contribution to contemporary art. Candidates for the award are also expected to be no older than 35, to have just completed their education and to originate from or currently work in the tri-regional area of Germany, France and Switzerland.

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The selection process, which does not involve the submission of applications by the artists, begins when each member of a committee of three independent art critics who are familiar with the young art scene proposes a maximum of three candidates for the award. A jury comprised of three other independent art critics then selects the recipient of the award from the proposed candidates.

In addition to the direct financial support received by the artist, the award also covers the costs of an individual exhibition at the L6 exhibition hall in Freiburg.


Award Recipient 2011:

Christoph Poetsch



Award Recipient 2009:

Vera Mayer



Award Recipient 2007:

Katrin Herzner